Backstage Update On Tensions In The AEW Locker Room – Reports

Tony Khan has always tried to present the best of wrestling that he can considering the fact that he has built AEW from the scratch and somehow he has managed to raise a company that has proven to be the direct rival of WWE which has been a dream for many other companies and they have only come as close as a mountain climber does to the summit when he is at the base camp.

However, of late, AEW has been under some serious cosh and may not be in the right track after a big name departed in the form of CM Punk. Now rumours are swirling around that states that things may not just be alright in the locker room. More importantly, with chaos rising and WWE on a re-hiring spree, the seeds of frenzy may take over AEW.

AEW World Champion, MJF has started stirring tensions in the dressing room which states that he is in pain but he is still turning up for the show. While statements like these can throw the entire locker room in chaos and unless there is someone who is making a counter-statement, the frenzy would keep on coming.


Here is why stars are not happy about the latest development of AEW

In the pre-dynamite episode, Ringside News covered that MJF will be heading to AEW Dynamite injured and the statement from him was that he was going for the show because he was never going to miss any bit of it.

His tweet read, “I didn’t sleep a wink. In a ton of pain and can’t find comfort. But it’s Wednesday. We have a show to put on. I hear it all. I read it all. I see it all. I am wide awake in more ways than one. Let’s restore the feeling.”

An account called Unsafe Chariot said, “You have almost single-handedly destroyed the feeling lol.” Surprisingly, this tweet started garnering a lot of attention and had likes from Britt Baker, Sammy Guevara and Jack Perry. Apparently Britt Baker, Sammy Guevara and Jack Perry didn’t have ring time for a while now and they are absolutely not happy about this development.


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