Backstage Update On Shawn Spears’ (Tye Dillinger) WWE Return – Reports

Reports suggest that an AEW star sought early release and that kept on sparking massive interest from the WWE fans. After massive deliberation, Shawn Spears hit back his stride in the WWE NXT roster.

It was back in December 2023 when he was seeking for an early release from AEW. However, the surprising part is that he was allowed to keep his ‘the Chairman’ gimmick which Spears used in AEW under the patronage of Tony Khan.

There were teasers already where WWE wanted to play around with the arrival of Spears. But the way he simply burst onto the scene was mind-blowing and inflicted a severe assault on Ridge Holland. Now when bigger names come to the fore, a lot happens, most importantly what follows suit is speculations of some serious controversy, debate and what followed thereafter.


Fightful Select has divulged that Spears was actually allowed to go early from his contract with AEW and this was approved unlike a sour ending between a wrestler and the promotion that he is bidding adieu to.

Here is what happened during the rehearsal of Shawn Spears making his return to WWE NXT

However, with all of that being said and done, after the release whether he was planning to be a free agent or did he actually get in touch with Triple H to be taken into WWE NXT. But then as they say once the move is done, you simply sit back and enjoy.

When a move happens, ideally with the growing number of news outlets in the WWE circuit, it is hard to keep it under the wraps. Last time a move like this that was kept under the wraps before it eventually hit the stride was that of CM Punk returning to the industry. However, there are reasons to believe that Shawn Michaels had some hand in this entire move being kept under the wraps. Fightful Select said that it was HBK who stood in place of Spears for the rehearsal while it was also revealed that the move actually before his release with AEW.


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