“Awww!”- Nia Jax breaks character to drop a surprising message for her fellow AEW superstar

Nia Jax has re-entered the ring of WWE on September 11th where she went on a rampage and smashed Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez without any mercy. Ever since her return she has been on a roll and has been squashing superstars mercilessly. It didn’t matter to her who she was laying waste to.

However, on social media, you would hardly find these superstars coming out of their kayfabe characters until it is extremely necessary or it is personal. In one such instance, Jax broker her character to extend a birthday wish to a fellow AEW superstar.

Chris Jericho, the former WWE icon, was born in Manhasset, New York on the 9th of November in 1970 to the likes of Ted and Bonnie. It was his 53rd birthday on last Thursday but he celebrated that birthday a couple of days later on social media.


Here is what Nia Jax had to say about Chris Jericho

To celebrate his birthday, he posted a selfie image of him going bare-bodied. He may have lost the shape that once used to sport that also made him one of the most amazing heels in WWE but that physique is still an amazing one for someone of his age.

The superstars started pouring wishes from all around the globe and with that being said, Nia Jax was also one of the stars who did pour in her heartfelt love and best wishes for Y2J. She wrote in a message for Jericho, “Happy Birthday. Aww Yeah!”

Jax had a fine match against four other women in a fatal-five-way match at the WWE Crown Jewel and despite all the resistance and the big names up against her, she still took it down to the wire. It was expected that she may run riot but then it was eventually the Eradicator, Rhea Ripley who claimed the title for herself, in fact retained it.


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