Arsenal Premier League fixtures for the season 2022/23

Arsenal Premier League Fixtures: Arsenal has been off to a swashbuckling start in the latest edition of Premier League as they currently ace the points table with 3 consecutive wins and some emphatic display. They started their campaign with a 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace and pulled off an absolute screamer against Leicester City in a contest that produced 6 goals in total.

They met Bournemouth last week and smashed them inside out, inflicting a 3-0 defeat as they rode hammer and tongs to the top of the table deservedly. However, the league has just started and with every passing gameweek, it gets a lot weirder than ever with giants falling from the grace left, right and center, with an unstoppable Manchester City hitting an unexpected snag against Newcastle United.

Given Arsenal’s current form and the clinical run that they find themselves in the middle of, the fans will be hopeful of a scintillating finish in the ongoing season after barely missing out on a Champions League spot with a late slump in form.


September will be an interesting month for the Gunners as it will be starting with a big game against Manchester United. Despite a slow start to the season, the Devils managed to inflict a resounding victory upon Liverpool with a clinical display of aggression.


If September will be witnessing the Gunners slog it out with the Devils, October presents a stiffer challenge for Arteta and company as they will be facing the might of Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Manchester City in a quick span of affairs, throwing all the right questions at the right time.

Here is the complete list of Arsenal Premier League fixtures in 2022-23:

27/08/2022 17:30 (Sky Sports) Arsenal v Fulham
31/08/2022 19:30 (BT Sport) Arsenal v Aston Villa
04/09/2022 16:30 (Sky Sports) Manchester United v Arsenal
11/09/2022 14:00 Arsenal v Everton
18/09/2022 14:00 (Sky Sports) Brentford v Arsenal
01/10/2022 15:00 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur
08/10/2022 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool
15/10/2022 15:00 Leeds United v Arsenal
18/10/2022 19:45 Arsenal v Manchester City
22/10/2022 15:00 Southampton v Arsenal
29/10/2022 15:00 Arsenal v Nottingham Forest
05/11/2022 15:00 Chelsea v Arsenal
12/11/2022 15:00 Wolverhampton v Arsenal
26/12/2022 15:00 Arsenal v West Ham United
31/12/2022 15:00 Brighton v Arsenal
02/01/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Newcastle United
14/01/2023 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
21/01/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester United
04/02/2023 15:00 Everton v Arsenal
11/02/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Brentford
18/02/2023 15:00 Aston Villa v Arsenal
25/02/2023 15:00 Leicester City v Arsenal
04/03/2023 15:00 Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth
11/03/2023 15:00 Fulham v Arsenal
18/03/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace
01/04/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Leeds United
08/04/2023 15:00 Liverpool v Arsenal
15/04/2023 15:00 West Ham United v Arsenal
22/04/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Southampton
26/04/2023 20:00 Manchester City v Arsenal
29/04/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Chelsea
06/05/2023 15:00 Newcastle United v Arsenal
13/05/2023 15:00 Arsenal v Brighton
20/05/2023 15:00 Nottingham Forest v Arsenal
28/05/2023 16:00 Arsenal v Wolverhampton



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