Are WWE Superstars Elias And Ezekiel The Same Person?

WWE, for a long time, stood for W-alk W-ith E-lias as the captivating drifter mesmerized the WWE Universe with his unorthodox guitar skills, songs, and berating them. Making his main roster debut in 2017, Elias was involved in a number of high-profile feuds for the next 4 years until August 2021 which saw vignettes of Elias burning his guitar and putting an end to his gimmick that was immensely popular within the WWE Universe.


Fast forward to RAW after WrestleMania 38, we witness a clean shave, well-built athlete in traditional wrestling trunks and boots calling himself Ezekiel making his debut, while also claiming to be the younger brother of Elias.

Speculation continued for weeks as Zek bore an uncanny resemblance to his older brother Elias. While the WWE Universe began to settle that Ezekiel was indeed a completely different person despite the resemblance, Kevin Owens escalated the matter further by investigating it deeply and trying to uncover the mystery of whether Elias and Ezekiel were indeed the same people.



Kevin Owens tried for weeks and weeks in search of the truth, even defeating Elias’s supposedly younger brother at WWE Hell in a Cell but failed to get the answer to the mystery he was trying to resolve.

Where is WWE Superstar Elias now?

With Big Zek parading around denying KO’s accusations and even bringing back Elias for an episode of RAW back in June, it’s time for you to hold the applause, silence your phones and listen to this blockbuster reality surrounding the Elias family.

Although Elias (in kayfabe) is not Ezekiel, the fact of the matter is that they are the same person in real life played by Jeffrey Daniel Sciullo, a wrestler, and musician who has been wrestling for the last 15 years. Jeffery wrestled on the independent circuit during his early beginnings and made his debut in the WWE in 2014, rising up as the popular character Elias and then repackaging into his current gimmick right after WrestleMania 38.


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