An open letter to Ravindra Jadeja

Dear Ravindra Jadeja,

I believe it isn’t even 24 hours, right? How can it be? I don’t think even a second has passed. It still feels as if you just won the game for CSK now. I am still running short of emotions. Those final two balls, Mohit Sharma breathing fire and then there you were, irrespective of what was there on the cards, you went for it all.

When that fifth ball of that over ran away to the fence, there was hope and there was belief but it still looked impossible. It still looked a mile away from the final stretch of triumph. After all you are just a Ravindra Jadeja who have often been painted as the villain in the CSK colours of late.


The numbers said that you have been one of the slowest batters in the death overs and who would have expected that you would be the one to produce those winning runs? They kept on screaming that you had a rift with the team and yet here you were waiting at the most vital juncture with the herculean onus of clinching the winning runs for your side.

Life, huh? What an irony! All those fans who screamed that you should have been released were seen posting statuses about you last night. All those who screamed that Ravindra Jadeja should be the reason why CSK would fall were seen going gaga over the fact that you were the one who would poetically seize the day for CSK.

Jaddu, you are a man of awe, you are a man of wonders and most importantly, you are that underrated gem that India found in the likes of VVS Laxman and Zaheer Khan. They would silently win matches for you and you won’t even know. They would keep on doing this over and over again. They would keep on pushing you till that last extent and you would just admire in awe.


You know Jaddu, once Raina left, there was a void that would never be filled. I still don’t know whether MS would be a part of the team anymore in the next year or not. Rayudu bade adieu to the sport as well. Chennai has built this family over years and now the man who for me would be the pennant-bearer of excellence is you. I don’t know what tomorrow hold, but thanks Jaddu for all these wonderful moments.

Yours sincerely,

A CSK fan


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