AEW Star Miro Is Open To Letting Liv Morgan Into His Marriage With Lana

If the WWE fans go back a while they would remember the big name of Rusev who would play by the gimmick of the Bulgarian Brute and rocked the WWE shores with his destructive brand of wrestling. However, ever since his shift to AEW, he has played under the ring name of Miro that is a shortened form of Miroslav Petrov Barnyashev and has been rising terror for Tony Khan as well. While he was back in WWE, he shared a fine chemistry with Lana and the WWE Universe was absolutely impressed by the two hammering away at the others.

Despite his fine run in the early days, WWE chose to call it a day with the Bulgarian due to his flawed attempt at trying to make his own creativity that didn’t sit down well at all with the industry. However, the Universe would agree, that one of his biggest achievements was to marry Lana, another Diva who simply made other wrestlers go head over heels for her.

Here is what Rusev had to say about Lana and Liv Morgan

However, Lana’s recent posts with Liv Morgan has started all sorts of headturning which has also angered the likes of the big man himself. As a result of that, the Bulgarian Brute wanted to play according to himself and he is not pulling back at all.


We all know that Liv Morgan is one of the most gorgeous women in WWE currently and anyone in the world can absolutely go crazy for her. Hence, Miro has made it clear that he doesn’t mind Liv Morgan coming into his marriage and have a ‘throuple’ instead of just being with Lana.

Well, Miro also mentioned that Lana is better most of the female wrestlers in the AEW locker room and going by her wrestling flair in WWE, we all know what she is capable of.

Despite a wobbly start to the AEW career, Miro adapted the gimmick of a redeemer and was setting it ablaze with his own brilliance.


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