“Admitting weakness is better than faking strength,” Virat Kohli reveals he had reached threshold of mental strength and needed a break

Virat Kohli was not a part of the Indian squad which toured West Indies and Zimbabwe recently

In a sensational interview given to Star Sports, the former Indian captain Virat Kohli revealed that he was seriously introspecting about himself for the last one month when the Indian cricket team was touring West Indies and Zimbabwe. Kohli also revealed that he didn’t even touch his bat and was on a complete break.


According to Virat Kohli, he realized that faking intensity won’t take him too far. He needed to admit that he was in a bad mental space. That’s something he had not done previously in his career. Kohli said that people have an opinion about him that he has got immense mental strength, which he actually has, but even if someone has immense mental strength, there is a threshold to that.

Virat Kohli further stated that he had perhaps reached a threshold of his mental strength in the last few months and it was important for him to go away and admit to himself that the intensity that he was still trying to show on the cricket ground was not the real intensity and he was rather faking it.


People don’t speak about mental health publicly because of fear of being judged: Virat Kohli

Kohli said in his interview that people don’t talk about such things publicly because they fear being judged as weak people. Kohli insisted that in his opinion, if someone is going through a phase where he is feeling slightly down, admitting it is better for the person than faking strength because ultimately the mental pressure takes a toll on the person anyway.

Virat Kohli is not the only high-profile cricketer who has spoken about mental health publicly in recent times. England’s test captain Ben Stokes has also come up with a documentary discussing his mental health problems last year. The documentary which is named, phoenix from the Ashes, was released yesterday and is available on amazon prime.






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