5 WWE RAW Superstars Who Can Be Traded To SmackDown In Exchange Of Jey Uso

Jey Uso made a surprising return to WWE at Payback last weekend. During The Grayson Waller Effect, Cody Rhodes announced that Jey was the newest member of the RAW roster. In case you forgot, Jey was frustrated on SmackDown.

On the ‘All Hail The Chief’ segment after SummerSlam, Jey announced that he was done with SmackDown, Bloodline and WWE. While it looked like Jey left WWE, he came back and made his first appearance as a RAW Superstar with a new theme song last Monday.

During the RAW episode, official Adam Pearce disclosed a Superstar from RAW would soon be traded to SmackDown. Here are the five possible options:


1. Cody Rhodes’ masterplan with Jey Uso


Cody Rhodes announced Jey Uso’s return to WWE RAW. Rhodes has a past with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. It is likely that Rhodes will be the one who leaves RAW and goes after The Tribal Chief.

2. Damian Priest traded for Jey Uso?

Adam Pearce mentioned that the RAW officials were unhappy with the Superstar they were going to lose. Damian Priest has been the MVP of RAW for quite some time now. Perhaps, Mr. Money in the Bank could take his new briefcase to the Blue brand.

3. Gunther

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has seemingly run out of challengers on RAW. He recently became the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion, and a return to SmackDown could be on the cards.


4. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens was not so happy with Jey Uso’s return to RAW. Perhaps, Paul Heyman would have pulled his strings to separate the pair of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as a favor to The Judgment Day.

5. Ronda Rousey

Although Ronda Rousey is reportedly done with WWE, neither Ronda nor WWE has officially commented on her exit. Assuming she is still under contract, perhaps Rousey can end her career on a high on the Blue brand.



Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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