5 Things That Jimmy Uso Can Do On August 25 WWE SmackDown Episode

The Bloodline has been the hottest story of the WWE and the way Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and the Usos has been giving new shape to the storyline, it has been nothing short of incredible. However, now with Jey Uso gone, it is going to be an intriguing prospect that would raise the obvious question of how does Jimmy Uso proceed from here.

Well, there may be a few ways in which one of the Uce can try and shape up the fate of the Bloodline but Roman Reigns particularly hasn’t been intrigued by the arrival of Jimmy Uso. So where does it all end? Well, the end is miles away. At the moment what does matter is what are the possible options for Jimmy Uso? Well, let’s take a look.

#1 Jimmy Uso can start a new rivalry

Well, now that the faction is somewhat cooled and it is all about Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, with the other two not in the building, Jimmy’s presence hardly makes any sense for the Bloodline.



Hence, the best possible route for Jimmy Uso even though it is going to be a dampener for the storyline is that he takes on some other opposition and try them out, hoping to carve his own way in the industry.

#2 He could seek forgiveness from the Tribal Chief

Well, for one to be a part of the Bloodline, he would need permission from Roman Reigns and given the previous defection of both Jimmy and Jey, the former will need acceptance and forgiveness from the Tribal Chief. If the Bloodline goes for a three-man watch out, it has to be Jimmy Uso begging to let Roman let him in.

#3 Jimmy Uso calls out Jey Uso

This seems to be the most obvious route again for Jimmy as he would love to call out Jey Uso because at the end of the day, he was superkicked by his brother before the entire segment came to a standstill. Hence, calling Jey Uso out would probably be provoking him to come out in the open again and face the wrath of his brother.


#4 He could challenge Roman Reigns

Well, in an attempt to forge his own legacy, Jimmy Uso can ask Roman Reigns to fight him like he did with his brother.


This move means WWE will be carving the way for Key Uso to make a vengeful comeback and probably try and spark a triple-threat fight between Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso.

#5 Jimmy Uso can also quit WWE

Following the footsteps of his brother, calming down the Bloodline story, Jimmy Uso also calls it a day in the WWE like his brother (at least for kayfabe) but before he does that, he takes down Solo Sikoa and then Paul Heyman before finally countering the spear of Roman Reigns to superkick him in the face and call it all over.


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