5 Superstars who could challenge CM Punk if he returns to WWE

When we talk about CM Punk, a lot of big names come knocking on the door. Believe this or not but Phil Brooks, despite being on the argumentative side, has sparked a legacy that is extremely wholesome. With all said and done, there are talks going on about his return to WWE after he went onto quit AEW.

Now if Phil Brooks or CM Punk does return to the industry again, then that means WWE will have to come up with a significant plot which would actually get the best out of CM Punk. Be rest assured that Punk will be coming in as the anti-hero and not a face or a heel. That gimmick of Punk is what makes the audience fall in love with him. Here are five superstars who may face him if he returns to WWE.

#1 Roman Reigns

Oh this will be a dream battle now. The same Roman Reigns who once did the dirty work for CM Punk as a part of the Shield is now a persona that has gone beyond control. Hence, talk about bringing out the old rivalry card and of course the main event factors which CM Punk loves, Roman Reigns is obviously your man.


#2 Randy Orton

Well it has been a while since the WWE has seen the heel Orton. Another character who plays the anti-hero gimmick very well, Randy Orton can have a sumptuous finish to his already glorious career. Imagine, two anti-heroes going up against each other in a no-holds barred match, oh that’s like a dream come true. Kendo sticks, chairs, tables, ladders, steel staircase all of it coming into play.

#3 Shisuke Nakamura

The King is probably a perfect fit for CM Punk considering the brutal wrestling that he has to offer. Nakamura and Punk are somewhat similar in terms of producing iconic matches and both of them have a similar gimmick of going against the norms. With two rebels in the ring, the WWE universe will be swiveling away to the melody of life.

#4 Seth Rollins

Obviously the Visionary would be another of iconic superstars who can take on CM Punk. Known for his imposing wrestling style, the Stomp makes a perfect counter to the GTS. However, the reason that these two should come face to face is because of their personality. Both are somewhat similar in terms of their grudges and rage.


#5 AJ Styles

The Phenomenal can also be a tough contender for CM Punk. However, both these wrestlers have been long customers of kayfabe and imagine the heel Styles from Impact Wrestling who would do anything to win while Punk bares out his bag of tricks that would see Styles being floored. Hence this match-up is obviously going to be a rip-roarer.

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