5 Released WWE Superstars Who Could Return And Challenge Roman Reigns In 2022

Roman Reigns is easily the top guy of WWE in 2022 and that makes him the top target too. Anyone looking to make a name for himself would be gunning for the Head of the Table as it ensures instant fame and a sure shot way to be at the top of the food chain.


The Undisputed champ has however faced almost all top challengers on both the rosters and is in dearth of fresh new challengers and with the Head of Creative, Triple H hiring back many released talents, these 5 ex-superstars may make their return and be a big problem for the Big Dog.

1. Tucker

Tucker Knight was a part of the hit NXT stable Heavy Machinery with Otis and even though they never won the tag team titles, they were extremely popular as a team. The team was broken during the WWE Draft 2020. Thereafter Tucker couldn’t make an impact on his own so was finally let go by WWE in 2021 after André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on SmackDown.


This being said, the big man isn’t short of accomplishments being an All-American Wrestler and having a degree in accounting from his university, the big guy could be a brand-new hurdle for the Universal champ.

2. Will Kurt Angle return to WWE and face Roman Reigns in 2022?

The man that needs no introduction and is perhaps the Most decorated pure wrestler in the pro wrestling universe is the Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle. Being a multi time champion across promotions, he is a legend and could challenge Reigns maybe one last time, even though he retired from active wrestling in 2019.


The wrestling machine may have One Last Match left in him and the WWE universe would certainly be excited to see him back in the squared circle one more time.

3. Lars Sullivan

Definitely a controversial figure out of the ring and having his share of personal demons, Lars Sullivan is an unusual figure to face the Tribal chief. But let’s not overlook the physical attributes of the former WWE Superstar.

He has as an imposing presence in the ring based on his size and look and is surprisingly agile for a man that size. He was released in January 2021 but if the Freak is able to overcome his personal demons and if he is hired back, he Is a very strong threat to Roman Reigns in WWE in 2022.


4. Will Braun Strowman return to WWE and face Roman Reigns in 2022?

The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman has already had a spectacular rivalry with Reigns and was involved in many eye-popping moments throughout the years, but he was shockingly unexpectedly future endeavored in June 2021 during WWE’s Mass releases.

Strowman has since joined CYN promotion run by ex WWE superstar EC3. Strowman was a legitimate strongman before WWE and commands a dominant alpha physical presence even in front of the Tribal Chief. A very solid contender for the WWE Universal title, if the Titan returns, he needs a solid run where he finally gets hold of the titles one more time and it needs to last a long time.


5. Will Bray Wyatt return to WWE and face Roman Reigns in 2022?


The Fiend Bray Wyatt has had feuds with Roman in the past but after a dismal booking for a long time and a lack of championship opportunities, he was released last year during the mass culling.

But Wyatt is someone who has always been looked at like wasted potential. Being a football star in college and super athletic in the ring, he has never let his less than flattering physique hold him down.

A former world champion himself, it’s only a matter of time before the Eater of Worlds makes his way back and into Roman’s title picture. With the cryptic tweets that he’s been sending of late, he is the Most likely in this list to actually make a return and therefore deserves the top spot here. Fingers crossed on the direction this potential champion of a character receives to be a strong contender for Reigns.


Akashdip Singh

WWE Fan by birth, Content writer by choice

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