5 possible surprises which could happen on this week’s SmackDown episode

The final stop on the road to WWE Extreme Rules this Saturday goes the last SmackDown of this season.  Furthermore, WWE has announced the season premiere of the blue brand for next week. That will see the beginning of a new era with fresh match line-ups and directions for the entire roster.

The night where everything leads to mayhem and carnage besides producing high-quality in-ring matches as well between WWE Superstars this year is looking to be a major blockbuster for the WWE.

As the last destination for Extreme Rules approaches, here are the 5 possible surprises that can happen on the go-home edition:


1. Sheamus beats Gunther on WWE SmackDown


Fans are still buzzing about Sheamus vs Gunther that took place at WWE Clash at the Castle. The match between the two heavyweights proved to be a major spectacle and moreover, the Intercontinental title match earned a 5-star rating. This match is being regarded as one of the greatest matches in history and fans are ready to see it again. Sheamus could shock the fans by picking up a huge win over the former Walter and taking his title just one day before Extreme Rules.

The teams led by Sheamus, the Brawling Brutes ( Ridge Holland & Butch), and Gunther, the Imperium (Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaisar) are set to collide in a huge six-man tag team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match. A sudden change in momentum could prove to be a benefactor for the Celtic Warrior’s side.

2. White Rabbit reveal date

For weeks and weeks, WWE Universe has been intrigued by the White Rabbit QR mystery. The heavily speculated storyline could open its biggest hint by revealing the date when this rabbit theory will unfold. Bray Wyatt is rumored to be behind this entire White Rabit operation. Furthermore, hints suggest that he is looking to re-emerge back into the WWE anytime now.


3. Drew Finally strikes on WWE SmackDown

Ever since Karrion Kross decided to target Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior has not got a single chance to retaliate. Every time McIntyre wanted to fire a shot, Kross would launch a series of sneak attacks and escape. However, before they step inside the ring at Extreme Rules in a Strap match, Drew could shift the tide in his favor. In an attempt to lay the final shot on him, Karrion Kross could fall prey to McIntyre’s first-ever strike and realize what carnage awaits him when both have a leather strap added to the fray.

4. Jey and Sami Brawl on WWE SmackDown

Sami Zayn was inducted into the Bloodline as an honorary Uce and became an equally important member. Since then, Jey Uso has been the only one unhappy about it. The final edition of this season’s SmackDown could see cracks in the dominant faction. Jey’s boiling frustrations could lead to him brawling with Sami all over the arena. Moreover, this breakout among his own faction would surely not be appreciated by the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

5. Shayna aligns with Ronda

Ronda Rousey has her eyes set on dethroning Liv Morgan in their third encounter. The two female stars will battle in an extreme rules match for the Smackdown Women’s title. A major turning point can see in Shayna Baszler’s presence added to the mix. The episode could with the Submission Magician accepting Ronda’s offer laid out weeks ago. Therefore, it can be left as a cliffhanger that Shayna could make her presence felt in Liv vs Ronda match at Extreme Rules.



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