5 Possible Endings To Austin Theory Vs Sheamus Match On WWE SmackDown July 7 Episode

Austin Theory vs Sheamus will take place on this week’s SmackDown episode at the Madison Square Garden. The prestigious United States Championship will be on the line as the Celtic Warrior will aim to dethrone the rising star of WWE.

There will surely be some outside interference in this match as the official poster for the show also features Austin Theory’s allies Pretty Deadly and Sheamus’ team Brawling Brutes. In this article now, we will look at the five possible ways Austin Theory vs Sheamus match can conclude on SmackDown.

1. Pretty Deadly helps Austin Theory record a win vs Sheamus


The most likely outcome for this match is Austin Theory retaining his championship, thanks to some outside interference. With SummerSlam approaching in a few weeks, WWE may not want to take the belt off Theory when he has been the champ for over 200 days.

2. Brawling Brutes help Sheamus record a win vs Austin Theory

WWE may perhaps want to reward Sheamus for all the hard work that he has been putting in without any major push in the last few months. The perfect way to do so would be to give him the United States Championship.

3. Brawling Brutes accidentally cost Sheamus the win

WWE has a habit of breaking up factions when they gel up well. They have been doing the same on RAW with The Judgment Day, and they may start teasing a split in The Brawling Brutes by having either Butch or Ridge Holland cost Sheamus.


4. Austin Theory uses DQ to escape Sheamus


Another probable finish to the match is Austin Theory purposely getting disqualified so that he retains the title. WWE can book the match later for SummerSlam with a stipulation.

5. Sheamus beats Austin Theory in a chaotic situation

Pretty Deadly and Brawling Brutes are likely to interfere in this match. The referee may send them back, and amid the chaos, Sheamus could hit a Brogue Kick on Theory to become the new US Champion.



Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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