5 Most Expensive Buys In The 2014 Mega Auction

All teams had earned the experience of a mega-auction in 2011, and hence, IPL 2014 was an interesting affair. Franchises knew what had to be done, and therefore, there were a few unusual decisions before the event. Also, the competition was back to being an eight-team affair, and hence, all teams were on a level playing field. As the countdown starts for IPL 2022 Mega Auction, here is a look back at the five most expensive buys in the 2014 Mega Auction.


1) Yuvraj Singh – INR 14 Cr (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

Yuvraj Singh stands at the top of this list of the most expensive buys in the 2014 Mega Auction. Although he was an elite T20I cricketer, Yuvi just could not find his feet in IPL. Hence, he was switching his franchises often.

Royal Challengers Bangalore needed to add another star to its blockbuster batting unit, and they froze Yuvraj Singh’s name. INR 14 Cr was a massive bid back then, and Yuvi managed to increase it further in the subsequent auction.


2) Dinesh Karthik – INR 12.5 Cr (Delhi Capitals)

Mumbai Indians signed Dinesh Karthik through a trade deal for IPL 2013. He was a revelation as he scored 510 runs and helped Mumbai to its maiden title. Being a domestic wicket-keeper, DK’s stocks obviously rose. Hence, Delhi went the distance for the Tamil Nadu man, who was also their former player. They also gave him a few games to captain.

However, DK could not do great justice to his price tag and was later released. In IPL 2022 Mega Auction, DK is one name that many teams could be interested in. He is still a quality wicket-keeper and a finisher. Hence, franchises could target the player.

3) Kevin Pietersen – INR 9 Cr (Delhi Capitals)

Kevin Pietersen was a player who was rated highly in the competition. At that time, his popularity was also at its peak. In fact, in 2009, he was the costliest player and was made the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore ahead of the likes of Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble.


That said, due to injuries and other commitments, KP could never set his foot in the competition. Nevertheless, after having missed IPL 2013, many were looking forward to his return in 2014. Delhi invested a lot in him and also appointed him as the skipper. The Englishman failed to deliver as Delhi lost ten games under him.

4) Mitchell Johnson – INR 6.5 Cr (Punjab Kings)

Mitchell Johnson is one of the five most expensive buys in the 2014 Mega Auction. In IPL 2013, the Aussie speedster collected 24 wickets and helped Mumbai Indians clinch its first trophy. Hence, at the mega bidding event, Johnson was in big demand.

The left-arm pacer is a type of player who intimidates the opposition. He can easily lead the pace attack of an XI and therefore, Punjab Kings went hard for him. They dropped INR 6.5 Cr to hire the cricketer. He picked 17 wickets in 2014 but could not leave a lasting impact in the subsequent seasons.


5) Glenn Maxwell – INR 6 Cr (Punjab Kings)

By IPL 2014, Glenn Maxwell had shown that he was an ideal T20 player. Hence, Punjab Kings, a franchise that is always inclined towards Australian imports, invested a lot of sum on the all-rounder. Their investment paid off immediately.

In 2014, Maxwell was one of the best players in the league. He scored a total of 552 runs, including an extraordinary run in the UAE. The Aussie was one of the main reasons why Punjab Kings made it to the finals that season. Maxwell still holds a great command in the tournament and is one of the players to look forward to in IPL 2022.


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