5 current and former WWE Superstars who can follow Edge to AEW

In a shocking move, switching loyalties, Edge shuffled across to WWE’s rival brand, AEW which somewhat left the fans startled. Even a few days back, Edge was seen in the ring, with his last victory until now coming against Grayson Waller. However, post that his appearances were limited and slowly it all fizzled away.

Edge has had a stunning career in WWE and he also won the Hall of Famer tag in the industry. His spears is still one of the most celebrated one in the ring considering the fact that it hurt the opposition significantly. This is not the first time that a WWE superstar has actually joined AEW. Notable names that graced WWE’s rival firm include the likes of Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose, CM Punk, Chris Jericho. Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy. With so many names opting for Tony Khan’s brand, here’s five superstars that can follow the footsteps of Edge.

#1 Rey Mysterio can follow Edge

The ultimate underdog has had a phenomenal run with the WWE. However, somehow or the other, he has been involved in guest appearances of late, mainly working out the angle with his son, Dominik Mysterio. However, now that WWE is throwing in the actual spice at the Judgment Day, things may be rattled up and Rey Mysterio may actually run short of a proper storyline, provoking him to switch allegiances.


#2 Brock Lesnar can join Edge

The Beast Incarnate has been everywhere except for Impact Wrestling. Knowing the fact that he loves new challenges, Lesnar may actually tread the path of the unknown, hoping to make significant inroads in AEW in their heavyweight division. With all said and done, it is not very likely that we may see the beast unleashed but then again the world of kayfabe has always surprised us.

#3 Jey Uso

The segment of Jey Uso is still very much questionable and it is still unclear that in which angle would he deployed for Raw. Currently, he is taking the ring alongside the American Nightmare but somehow his role has been certainly unclear. Is he still taking dig at the Bloodline or has that chapter been closed? To be honest, no one actually knows. Given the talent that he comes to the table with, you never know when the shift happens.

#4 Big E Langston

One of the most talented wrestlers who was sidelined for quite a while with a neck injury, he would be hoping to make a strong comeback to the industry. However, at the moment, it is highly unlikely that WWE will actually cook a plot for him. With so much potential, with so much promise, Langston may go shopping and come to the frame does AEW.


#5 Ronda Rousey


Another star who has made a significant legacy for herself and is currently on a hiatus from the company may also work out a deal with AEW. She has been influential in the women’s division for WWE and make no mistake that she can be a destructor in AEW as well, particularly considering the current rift that she has with the company.

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