5 Current AEW Superstars Who Could Join WWE After The Change In Management

Once Tony Khan rolled out his wrestling promotion under the banner of AEW, there were several WWE stars who decided to shuffle their loyalties after not receiving a proper push under the reign of Vince McMahon.

However, the arrival of Triple H as the creative head of the company has brought back a handful of exciting superstars who managed to get the hopes in the WWE audience high and instill the belief that the future is in safe hands. Sadly, they left shortly for AEW, hoping to get their respective pushes, which they eventually did.

Now with Triple H at the helm of affairs, we may be seeing a revolution again that can easily bring back the AEW Stars. Talking about the best possible stars who can come back to the banner of WWE, there are a quite a few names lined up. Here’s the five superstars who can have a possible return on the cards.


1. Will AEW Superstar Jon Moxley ever come back to WWE?


Call him the Lunatic fringe, Jon Moxley or Dean Ambrose, whatever you want, but the former Shield member was an integral part of WWE before he jumped ship to AEW.

From his wrestling skills to the extraordinary gimmicks that Deam Ambrose would pull off, the audience crave for the exact kind of wrestling. With all said and done, if Triple H may be interested in bringing a heavy star back, Jon Moxley or Dean Ambrose can be a contender leading from the front.

2. Miro

The Bulgarian Brute shook up quite a storm in the WWE roster, bringing down giants of the industry with his grappling. He would use his physical stature to perfection, humbling giants like never before.


Sadly, WWE couldn’t really sustain the early momentum in his storyline and he would eventually end up parting ways with the company. Given the current roster, the presence of heavyweight fighters are pretty much on the lower side and the return of Rusev can get Triple H’s chips on heavyweight wrestlers going.

3. Malakai Black

Black was the next big thing in WWE but his transition from NXT to WWE got pretty bumpy with an array of rusty matches to start his in-ring career. He never survived the transition and ended up leaving for AEW.

Triple H’s own knack for the dark shticks makes Black a favorite to return to the ring. His wrestling prowess is equally brilliant and his mic skills make him a perfect fit for a WWE return.


4. Will AEW World Champion CM Punk ever think of coming back to WWE?

The internet will only talk about the leader of the straightedge society, if he does return to the ring.

An absolute beast of a wrestler who took down giants of the industry, locked horns with Vince McMahon and put the Rock to shame with his mic skills, Punk can send WWE through the sky. Only time will tell if Triple H will be reconciling with the Best in the World but if it does happen, he will be overshadowing every one else in the industry.

5. Will AEW Superstar Bryan Danielson return to WWE?

Yes! Yes! Yes! The anthem of a revolution that shook up an entire industry, brought down the authority and the animal on their knees on the same night.


Imagine the audacity, imagine the guts and the iconic scene of Bryan standing atop the love of countless wrestling fans, respecting his sheer outrageous gumption to defy every possible hindrance that he was up against. The audience won’t be holding back if Bryan returns to the fold, from their screams of Yes! Yes! Yes!


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