5 Craziest Things Pulled Off By The Undertaker In His Legendary WWE Career

Whenever we talk about the legacy of WWE, Undertaker is one name that would always be doing the rounds. Respected by all legends of the sport, Taker had crafted an enviable name for himself that has seen climbing the rungs of the craft in meteoric manner and now that he has decided to call it a day, the entire industry looks up at him.


From putting countless superstars to their final sleep to being one of the finest wrestlers to have taken the stage, the Phenom is a hero and an icon who continued to be the face of the industry for countless years. His streak at WrestleMania is a figure that will most likely never be matched and the ones to whom he handed over his blessings have also gone huge in entertainment wrestling. Here are five crazy moments pulled off by Taker throughout his WWE career.

#1 The Taker sacrifices Stone Cold and Stephanie McMahon

The late 90s made it pretty hard to be a wrestling fan for you never know when your favourite character would turn heel. In one such story arc, Taker turned heel and was battling with SCSA in 1998.


The battle went to such extent that at one point, Taker crucified Austin on his own symbol with the help of his druids. After a great response from the WWE universe in the crucifixion of Steve, the next victim to this cruel ploy was Steph when Taker married her and then sacrificed her to the dark forces by crucifying her.

#2 When Undertaker went all glittery

Ideally, whenever we talk about the Phenom, the foremost image that comes to our minds is that of a man clad in black. However, there was a brief period of time when Taker wanted to go Hollywood and decided to don a very glitzy pair of pants at the Survivor Series in 2000.

Taking down Kurt Angle, he came dressed in all glitz and glam only to be derided by the WWE universe only due to his fashion sense. Learning his lesson, he sacrificed those pants for the good.


#3 The Taker sends Paul Bearer into Concrete sleep

Paul Bearer was a crucial part of Taker’s career and was always surrounding the Dead Man for whatsoever reasons that you would not want to utter.

According to storylines, there were times when Taker and Paul went exactly opposite ways and the results were downright entertaining and dark concurrently. Taking the concept of burying alive, Taker chose to drown Bearer into concrete and the world was in utter awe of the Phenom.

#4 The Dead Man drops Rikishi and Mankind 


Well, it is not new to see bodies flying from the top of a steel cage but when Taker does it, well it is very special. At King of Ring event in 1998, two of the industry’s finest forces met each other in a Hell in a Cell match and what followed was brutal slugfest leaving the two stars bloodied.

But Taker was not willing to hold back his punches as he lined up Mankind for a staggering drop and when it happened the entire WWE roster shook in fear. Well, another heavyweight Samoan, Rikishi suffered a similar fate but the Mankind moment stole the limelight.

#5 Taker left Edge knocking on the gates of Hell at WM14

A match that saw Taker being speared left, right and center, a match that received the cult status where the R-Rated superstar reigned brutally over Taker and was almost on the cusp of nailing an emphatic win only to be denied in the dying embers when Taker turned the tide in his favour, catching Edge in a Triangle submission, popularly known as the Hell’s gates that left Edge bleeding from his mouth by the time he tapped.


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