4 things CSK fans want to see in future

The way CSK has played this season, it seems the glorious years of them are coming to an end. It’s not just about losing games or having a bad season. All the teams other than CSK have had bad IPL seasons at some point of time in the past, but with CSK, the problem is the way they have lost games and the stage at which the various CSK players are standing in their respective careers at the moment.


CSK mostly has retired players and it just doesn’t seem as if the team would be able to resurrect itself unless and until there is a complete overhaul of the squad next season.

There has been a massive outrage from the fans after the dismal run that CSK has had in IPL 2020 and the fans are demanding changes in the squad now. Here are the 4 things that CSK fans want to see going ahead –


#1 Change in captaincy

Dhoni has given CSK three IPL trophies and they have also qualified for the playoffs 8 times under his captaincy, but none can deny the fact that the former Indian captain is only a pale shadow of himself now and has lost his midas touch. It doesn’t seem as if CSK would be able to build a new team around MS Dhoni and therefore, the fans want the franchise to look for a new captain.

A lot of fans reckon that Kane Williamson can be a good choice for CSK captaincy as he has got the calm demeanor and he has shown in the past that he can be a good IPL captain as he guided Sunrisers Hyderabad to IPL final under his captaincy in 2018.

#2 Release of old players

CSK currently has got a lot of players who are being overpaid and are not performing anywhere close to the level they should be performing according to their price tag. The likes of KedarJadhav and Piyush Chawla are costing CSK an amount of INR 14 Crore together and these two players, despite having a lot of experience of playing in domestic and international cricket, have not been up to the mark at all and have already been dropped from the playing XI as well.


The fans want CSK to open up their budget by releasing the non-performing overpaid players and buy young, emerging players who can serve the franchise for a long, long time.

#3 Opportunities to local players

In most of the matches that CSK has played this season, they haven’t had a single Tamil Nadu player in their XI despite having a few Tamil Nadu players in the squad. In one of the games, the young wicket-keeper batsman N Jagadeesan was given the opportunity, but he was dropped after just one game despite the fact that he scored 30 odd runs.

And after last night’s defeat against Rajasthan Royals, the CSK skipper MS Dhoni said he didn’t see enough spark in the young players to give them a go. This statement has not gone down well with the fans at all and they want more opportunities to be given to the local Tamil Nadu players going ahead.


#4 Intent to score big

What the fans have also not liked this season is the fact that the team has played a conservative brand of cricket at a time when the other teams have gone out there and expressed themselves. CSK has always been known for their pragmatic approach and they like to keep wickets in hand before going all guns blazing at the end, but that approach hasn’t worked for them this season.

They start sedately and when the time comes for them to put the foot on the gas, they are just not able to do that and it happened last night again against the Royals where MS Dhoni and RavindraJadeja laid the platform, but just couldn’t tee off at the end.

The fans want the players to show some intent at the very start of the innings rather than leaving it for the end.



I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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