4 reasons Why Bray Wyatt Should Never Return to WWE

Windham Rotunda, formerly known as Bray Wyatt, has been dropping various hints surrounding his return to the WWE over the past few weeks. The Eater of Worlds was released from his contract by the WWE back in July 2021 with the reasons being creative differences and difficulties with the top management, especially with the then WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

His release came as a big shocker to the entire WWE Universe as Wyatt was among the top Superstars of the WWE with his alter-ego, The Fiend being one of the most intriguing characters for its distinctive aura and display of supernatural elements. Since his release, Wyatt has mostly kept a low profile exploring other ventures and for the past few weeks has been teasing an impending return to the WWE.

Moreover, John Cena ignited the rumors even more by posting a picture of his match with Wyatt at WrestleMania 36 on his Instagram account. While all signs point towards the return of The Eater of the Worlds with the whole world in his hands, returning to a company that didn’t appreciate your body of work, creativity, and being unceremoniously fired could not be the best idea for a Superstar with the caliber of Wyatt.


Here are 4 potential reasons why Bray Wyatt should not return to the WWE:

1. Bray Wyatt should not forget what happened in the past in WWE

Wyatt was at the top of his game in the WWE at the time of his release. The mystic of his alter-ego, The Fiend had captivated the entire WWE Universe who believed Wyatt was a top attraction. But he was berated for being his own man, too outspoken about the previous creative regime, frustrations with the direction of his character, and storylines and certain match finishes being changed at the last minute.

Despite new management and a creative team in charge, it is still taken care of by the McMahon family members, and although they have promised major changes to the WWE landscape, everything in the WWE can change at any time so returning to the WWE could not be totally a wise decision for Wyatt.


2. Bray Wyatt may get lost in the mix soon after WWE return


Ever since Bray Wyatt left the WWE in 2021, fans have witnessed the rise of many WWE Superstars to the mainstream product cementing their own spot in the company.

With the TV occupied with current and former WWE superstars brought back by Triple H ever since he took over from Vince McMahon, there is a higher possibility that Wyatt could get lost in the shuffle and mostly remain in mid-card storylines.

3. He has a Whole World to Explore


The mystic of Bray Wyatt’s presence and immense wealth of creative knowledge can allow Mike Rotunda’s son to explore other ventures outside the WWE.

He had already started working on a feature film alongside his friend Jason Baker last year, so exploring options other than wrestling doesn’t seem to be difficult for a man with the caliber of Wyatt.

4. He should think of a new ‘All Elite’ home

The wrestling fans are well aware of Bray Wyatt’s love for professional wrestling and rich lineage in the business coming from a family of WWE Hall of Famers.


So, if Wyatt has decided to eventually return to the ring, All Elite Wrestling could be a better option to explore than WWE. Wyatt was once spotted attending an AEW show, indicating a keen interest in the promotion and joining the land of Elite could give a fresh new direction for Wyatt’s much-awaited return to wrestling.

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