4 rare Liv Morgan moments caught on camera

Liv Morgan has emerged as one of the most captivating WWE superstars of the women’s division. The ultimate underdog who came from nothing worked her way up the ladder and became champion in the process.

Moreover, she is set for a huge title opportunity against Becky Lynch at the upcoming WWE PLE, King and Queen of the Ring in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this week. But there have been some other rare moments of Morgan that the fans might have forgotten. Here is a look at those rare instances:

1. Liv Morgan channelizes Austin

Liv Morgan is known for her friendly reactions and reception towards her immense fan base. However, in one instance, as she arrived for a WWE show, Liv Morgan heard roars of chants with one fan calling out her name. At that moment, Morgan borrowed the famous ‘WHAT’ from Stone Cold Steve Austin before leaving the sight in laughter.


2. Vibin to Shotzi’s music


Liv Morgan is known to maintain her composure and observe opponents before her matches. But in a missed moment by fans, Liv Morgan was involved in a match with Shotzi and as she made her way to the rope to enter the ring, Morgan could be seen vibing to her entrance music standing inside the ring.

3. Dap me up

Liv Morgan had the world on her feet when she cashed in her Money in the Bank contract in 2022 to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion realizing a lifelong dream. During her reign as the champion, in one rare moment, Liv Morgan could be seen sitting with a championship belt on a chair outside a WWE building and giving a hand slap to another person before turning around the chair.

4. Run-in with Alexa Bliss

There have been multiple comparisons drawn between Liv Morgan and Alex Bliss due to their similar features and journeys. In a backstage moment right before going for her match, Liv encountered Alexa and nudged her beloved doll, Lily leaving Alexa and viewers confused at the sight


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