4 Potential Storylines for Johnny Gargano After His WWE return

The new landscape of WWE built under Triple H’s direction continues to mesmerize the WWE universe week after week. The last episode of WWE RAW was no different as one of the most captivating Superstars and hottest free agents, Johnny Gargano finally made his highly speculated return to the WWE.

Johnny Wrestling was last seen back in December 2021, addressing his farewell on an episode of NXT 2.0 after which his contract expired and he chose not to re-sign immediately to spend time with his newly born son Quill and wife Candice LeRae enjoying parenthood.

With the Ace of NXT bringing his presence over to the main roster with Triple H in charge, being one of the major reasons for returning to the company, here are 4 bookings for Johnny Gargano’s second run in the WWE:


1. Johnny Gargano vs Theory seems the right direction


The first person to confront Johnny Gargano upon his return to WWE was his former ‘The Way’ cohort and Mr. Money in the Bank Theory. The Blue Chip prospect offered to re-unite with Gargano for yet another run only to be nailed by a Super Kick by Gargano signaling the start of an intense feud between these two former teammates going totally THE opposite WAY Theory had predicted.

2. #DIY reunion

A big fan of tag team wrestling, Gargano could reunite with his former member of #DIY, Tomasso Ciampa also an active member of the RAW roster.

Both Superstars came up together and also became successful singles stars, so a reunion on the main roster could see Ciampa and Gargano become a tag team once again and bring back the much-needed attention to the WWE tag team division, currently under lockdown by The Usos.


3. Dream Matches


Johnny Gargano’s arrival to Monday Night RAW has opened the door to some incredible dream matches that the WWE Universe can witness. It would be a Monday Nigh Delight to watch Gargano battle the likes of Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Edge, Finn Balor, and Rey Mysterio to name a few.

4. Will Johnny Gargano become WWE Champion?

Triple H’s era could very well see a lot of rising stars ascend to becoming World Champions and one of them has to be Johnny Gargano.

He has already proved his caliber as the NXT Champion back in the day and with The Game already starting to have big plans to push Gargano as a top star, those can surely include a World Title run on the main roster cementing Johnny Wrestling as a legitimate main-event player.


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