4 most controversial umpiring decisions against Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar was at the receiving end of many controversial umpiring decisions in his career, but some of the decisions were absolute shockers and the fans just couldn’t believe that the umpire put his finger up to give Sachin out.

Here are the 4 most controversial umpiring decisions against Sachin Tendulkar –

#1 India vs Australia, Adelaide 1999

This was a bizarre umpiring decision by Daryl Harper. Tendulkar had just come out to bat in the second innings of the Test match and was facing the Australian fast bowling spearhead Glenn McGarth.


McGrath banged it in short and Tendulkar tried to duck underneath it thinking it would go over his head. But, the ball kept a little bit low and rather than going over Tendulkar’s head, it hit him on his shoulder.

The Australian players appealed for Leg Before Wicket while the ball hit the batsman’s shoulder and umpire Harper actually gave that out. Everyone including the batsman was shocked at the decision.

#2 India vs Pakistan, Kolkata 2005

It was again the second innings of the game and Tendulkar was batting on a deteriorating pitch. The master blaster had completed his half-century and was on his way to the three-figure mark.


But, then suddenly a delivery from the Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Razzaq hit a crack and it deviated quite a bit off the surface. It was still deviating away while it reached the keeper and the umpire Steve Bucknor thought Tendulkar actually edged the ball. He gave that out caught behind.

However, the television replays later showed that there was quite a bit of gap between bat and ball.

#3 India vs Australia, Sharjah 1999

It was the final of the Coca Cola Cup between India and Australia and the men in blue were cruising to the title. Tendulkar had already scored a hundred and was smacking everything from the middle of the bat.


However, umpire Bucknor came up with a howler again as he adjudged Tendulkar out Leg Before Wicket on a delivery which didn’t just pitch outside the leg stump, but was going further down the leg side. It was missing the leg stump by a good few inches.

Despite that howler, India won the match by 6 wickets and won the title as well.

#4 India vs England, Bristol 2007

It was the second game of the 7-match ODI series between India and England in 2007 and Tendulkar was batting on 99. He tried to fend a short, rising delivery from Andrew Flintoff, but couldn’t make any contact with the ball and the ball went to the England wicket-keeper Matt Prior.


However, the umpire thought Tendulkar got a glove to it and put his finger up. Sadly, there was no DRS available at that time.


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