​4 matches that should have happened on WWE Money in the Bank 2023 match card but may not happen

As the match card of the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 is already in the making and the kind of matches that have already been booked gives you hope about the fact that this is going to be a cracker jack PPV with all the battles being fought up front between superstars of some terrific caliber.

However, things can go downhill even before you realize and then there will be new matches that will be in the making because of creative differences.

With all said and done, the matches that have been confirmed at the moment is the MITB ladder match for men’s and women’s, Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor.


With so much at stake already, the WWE industry may choose to take a backseat on a couple of matches that could have happened on the PPV. Here are four matches that could have happened on the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 match card and yet not happening.

#1 Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura should have happened on WWE Money in the Bank 2023 match card

Finn Balor somehow got sucked into The Judgment Day faction that somehow overshadowed his wrestling skills. With Nakamura coming in fresh from a hiatus, he was looking around for some decent opponent and the Demon would have made one hell of an opposition.

Yet, somehow due to Balor’s engagement for the World Heavyweight Championship, he would be battling it out with the Architect while Nakamura eye the MITB contract. This match may happen if Balor defeats Seth while the King clinches the contract.


#2 Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar – finale should have been played out on the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 match card

Brock is not a part of MITB at the moment and it is very unlikely that he would actually go forward all guns blazing in this PPV anymore. His appearances on the WWE roster did spike up in recent times but of late, he has taken a backseat and is happy to do so.

Rhodes was supposed to settle the score once and for all but then with Lesnar out of the equation, Dominik Mysterio took that place. However, you never know. Just when Cody is about to count out Dom Dom, Brock’s music hits.

#3 Becky Lynch vs Zoey Stark

This rivalry is now taking a new shape and admit this or not, but Becky and Zoey Stark are actually baring down their arsenal against each other in significant fashion.


Both are of similar fighting style and can bring down the roof with a signature brawl. Unfortunately, both will be a part of the Women’s MITB which usually detracts from the main plot while the characters in the match fight for a bigger goal than the title.

#4 LA Knight vs Damian Priest

LA Knight has been driving the WWE Universe into a bout of frenzy and expect him to bring the roof down with his charismatic presence at the PPV.

However, here is a quick disclaimer that states, he would have made a wonderful battle in a solo match against Damian Priest. Priest is into a lot of actions these days but a match against Knight would have been the perfect launchpad for him to hurtle forward.


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