4 Former Superstars Who May Return To WWE After Vince McMahon Retired

Vince McMahon has officially announced his retirement from WWE. The former WWE CEO was the head of the biggest pro wrestling promotion on the planet for decades. It is because of him that the pro wrestling industry is where it is right now. His daughter Stephanie McMahon and expert Nick Khan have taken over as the co-CEOs of WWE.


During his time as the WWE CEO, Vince McMahon made some great decisions and some bad calls. Some big Superstars left the company during his tenure. Now that he is no longer associated with WWE, the following four Superstars may think about coming back.

1. Will Jon Moxley return to WWE after Vince McMahon retired?

Jon Moxley is a former Grand Slam champion in WWE. He wrestled under the name Dean Ambrose, but due to creative difference, he decided to leave WWE in 2019. Moxley is a world class wrestler and could be a solid addition to the WWE roster if Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan convince him to return.


2. Will CM Punk return to WWE after Vince McMahon retired?

Former WWE Champion CM Punk made his return to pro wrestling in AEW. He even became a world champion there. In one of her previous interviews, Stephanie McMahon said that she would be open to working with Punk if he is interested. Thus, Punk could return to WWE someday.

3. Lana

Lana recently expressed her desire to come back to wrestling. She was released by WWE a few months ago, but the new management can think about bringing her back as she is very talented and popular.

4. Maria Kanellis

When a fan asked Maria Kanellis if she would return to WWE one day, she said she won’t unless the company has a new management and owner. Now that the CEO has changed, Maria could think of signing a WWE contract in the near future.



Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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