3 WWE superstars who can join Cody Rhodes Against The Bloodline

Last night WrestleMania’s kick-off event left the entire world hustling and rumbling as Cody Rhodes finally challenged The Bloodline leader Roman Reigns. However, what was the best part of this clash was that the Rock turned heel after 15 years and that has left the WWE Universe buzzing. What better they could have asked for? A heel rock, a peak Cody, a Paul Heyman who will rain words upon you and an unstoppable Roman.

All the ingredients that you want in your broth, is right there and this broth is from the heart of a Michelin-star wrestling restaurant. Fans will love it, the authority will love it and guess what any story-teller will love it. More importantly, WrestleMania will love it.


With that being said, Rock’s involvement goaded Seth Rollins into action. That clearly signifies that Cody will have help at Elimination Chamber. Here are three wrestlers who will be siding with the American Nightmare.

#1 Randy Orton can help Cody Rhodes against Bloodline

Seth Rollins would have made an ideal choice but then that is not to be. He is out for Elimination Chamber and most importantly he won’t be risking his WrestleMania spot. That makes Randy Orton a perfect fit and an absolute choice for damnation of the Rock. It also cooks the perfect storyline for nostalgia and two superstars from the present that will set the house crazy.

#2 AJ Styles

Styles have been looking for redemption for a while now and this probably can be his shot to make Roman Reigns pay. This will be the closest he will come to call it a legend’s match and the two will be rocking and rolling their way through. They won’t hesitate, they won’t pull back. Styles is a legend in wrestling too and him going head to head with the champion makes this another classic battle.


#3 Jey Uso can help Cody Rhodes against Bloodline


Uso is another superstar who hasn’t got the story finished. Uso is another character who is famished for vengeance. Uso doesn’t want to step back. His energy matches perfectly with Cody. The two would vibe on the same level and the infectious energy level will be bringing the roof down upon everyone and there will be no one to stop two family men going head on at each other.

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