3 WWE Superstars who can dethrone Roman Reigns as Undisputed Universal Champion after Draft

Roman Reigns continues to weave his magic in grandest of fashions

There are quite a few rumors that Roman Reigns maybe dropping his WWE Undisputed Universal Title shortly, but nothing has been confirmed yet. More importantly WWE has made this storyline such an epic one, they will need a concrete finish to this and probably a massive betrayal or a superstar who can match the likes of Roman will first have to be spotted.


The moment the rumor gets hotter than ever, the major question that starts doing rounds in the dugout is who is going to be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns and is he qualified enough to dismantle the king of WWE for the time being. There are a few answers for sure, but one would need to dive pretty deep to find them. Here are three superstars who can dethrone Roman Reigns from the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

#1 Bobby Lashley

One of the major factors that needs to be kept in mind is that Roman reigns is a man of great physical stature. Hence, anyone can’t just come and dethrone him. One probably needs to be of a sturdy built and most importantly a proven champion.


This is exactly where the All Mighty comes in. A sizeable wrestler who can turn the bout on its head and with a similar style of brawling inside the ring, Bobby Lashley makes a perfect fit to dethrone Roman Reigns.

#2 Solo Sikoa

The likeliest contenders of all time and probably the best fit to the storyline of the Bloodline, an implosion that would send the factions into splinters flying in all direction, Solo Sikoa can lay waste to the Tribal Chief. With a growing discontent between the two, it may very well be a possibility where the Enforcer believes that the Bloodline must be his and not for Roman to dictate and Bam! We go!

#3 AJ Styles

One may argue that the Phenomenal One is not really a match for Reigns but the ones who have been following Styles since his Impact days would know that he has taken down beats of the sport in the form of Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Jerry Lynn.


The man is sheer magic and make any foe look small in front of him. He is known for his agility and his anti-grav moves that imparts him a contrasting battle-style than Roman Reigns, ideally making this a jaw-dropping bout.

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