​3 WWE Superstars who can beat Seth Rollins to become new World Heavyweight Champion

At the WWE Night of Champions, Seth Rollins became the first winner of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship where he was handed over the belt by Triple H himself after beating AJ Styles in the grand finale. Now that the tournament is over, it is needless to say that Rollins will have to defend the title against other superstars and it would just kickstart a series of rivalries that would be far from how subtle it was until the NOC.


There will be a series of superstars who would love to clinch the title for themselves and eventually make this a championship that can leave a trail of bodies in its wake. Here are three superstars who can clinch the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Seth Rollins.

#1 Damian Priest

The Archer of Infamy, Damian Priest has been flirting with a title shot for a while and he has already proven himself to be an abled fighter. He would be one of the best bets to challenge Seth Rollins considering the fact that he is hated by the audience for his stint with the Judgement Day while Seth Rollins is one of the crowd favourites. The two has almost similar strengths and Priest is one of those mighty superstars who can actually clinch the title for himself.


#2 Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare is no stranger to the role of a heel and if he turns heel again to challenge Seth Rollins, he may very well be getting the crown that he is so desperately fighting for ever since his return to the ring. He has taken on Roman Reigns and then took on Brock Lesnar not once but twice. He makes the perfect pick for WWE World Heavyweight Championship, also keeping in mind, he is one man who sparks countless pops.

#3 Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke’s return has been so far just kept silent and he has been battling mainly in the mid cards but in less than no time, he is scheduled to be a part of a championship bout. This is exactly why he makes the perfect selection for the man who would beat Rollins and turn heel to carry on this battle between him and the Architect for the hallowed championship.


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