​3 WWE NXT Superstars Who Should Receive A Call-up To Main Roster Before 2023 Ends

WWE NXT has been providing the perfect platform for the wrestlers to grow in recent times and if they continue to grow in the way they have been kissing the stars, they would shortly be reigning supreme in the main roster for WWE too. Not only has NXT been one of the main platforms for the young wrestlers to showcase their battle flair but it has also allowed the youngsters to express their talent.

As the NXT stars showcase their might on daily basis, this would allow the wrestlers to get a call-up for the big event. However, for that to happen, the industry needs to get a firmer storyline and eventually allow the grapplers to grab the limelight. Here are three wrestlers who can soon get a call-up to the WWE main roster.

#1 Indi Hartwell

Indi Hartwell has been the babyface who has defied the rising surge of heels in NXT and continues to deliver her might on a regular basis. She is a technically sound grappler and can rain hell upon her counterpart if provoked by her fans. She is gifted with her agility and the kind of strength that she shows can get her a call shortly to the main WWE roster.


#2 Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes defied gravity like none other and his perfection in executing his finishing manoeuvres makes him one top pick to look forward to. He was also the NXT champion and would obviously be a top pick for arriving in the main roster of WWE. He also sports a stunning physique that makes him a high-flying contender for the light-weight grapplers or the middle-weights too.

#3 Wes Lee

A man who has received almost similar ratings to that of Grayson Waller and can pull off a chaotic gimmick in absolutely stunning fashion. He is expected to come of age and in the near posterity may very well be a favourite of arriving in the big scene, taking on bigger superstars of the craft. He can also lay waste to the opposition with his madness and some terrific striking.


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