3 women who should have become the new Women’s World Champion on WWE RAW instead of Becky Lynch

WWE suffered a major setback after Rhea Ripley announced on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW that she suffered a shoulder injury and would have to vacate her WWE Women’s World Championship. Ripley got injured at the hands of her arch-rival Liv Morgan last week and therefore had to part ways with her 380-day title reign.

With the events that transpired, WWE announced that a new champion would be crowned on this week’s edition of RAW and Becky Lynch won the battle royal. But here are 3 other female WWE superstars who should have become the new WWE Women’s World Champion:

1. Liv Morgan deserved a title win in WWE

Liv Morgan earned her revenge over Rhea Ripley in an act of karma by injuring her in a similar manner she did to her last year. Morgan has already displayed signs of a heel turn with her hennaous attack on Ripley and laughing at her misery.


She could cement her personality change by wiping out her competition in the most vicious manner and winning Rhea’s championship to fill the void left by her absence and once again rise to the top of the WWE food chain.

2. Nia Jax

On the road to WrestleMania 40, Nia Jax had dominated Rhea Ripley at every step of the way. But at the WWE Elimination Chamber PLE in Rhea’s country, Jax came up short in dethroning Mami for the title.

But now with Rhea out of the picture, Jax could once again insert herself into the title picture and destroy her opponent next week to win the championship she failed to win previously.


3. Jade Cargill

If WWE truly wants to capitalize on the spectacular debut and captivating personality of Jade Cargill, Rhea Ripley’s injury has provided them the perfect opportunity to do so.

The Storm has already made a huge mark in a short time with her astonishing appearance at the Royal Rumble, victorious WrestleMania debut, and follow-up victories on RAW and SmackDown. Cargill could quickly ascend to her true potential by being a part of next week’s bout and outlasting her competition to win her first championship in a relatively short time.


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