​3 tag teams that can beat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for Undisputed Tag Team Championships

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens has been friends for a long time and after a brief spat in the center, the two have once again been bringing the roof down. There is no second thought about it and the kind of destruction that Sami Zayn and KO has been wreaking through the rings of WWE as the tag team partners, expect them to build another phenomenal storyline.


However, it is known that once you have got a belt, you will have to let it go as well and that is what this story is about. Not all tag team factions in the locker room has the ability to clinch the championship from the giants and walk away with the bragging rights of the belt around their neck. Here are three tag-team partners who can clinch the title from the two.

#1 Imperium

The tag-team pair of Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci have been playing the perfect heels as the tag-team partners and would probably be the perfect pick for the WWE Tag team titles. They are building themselves into a phenomenal unit and once they are ready for a title run, they should be the favourites to knock KO and Sami Zayn off the perch.


#2 The USOS

Even though it is not assured that the Usos would actually be coming back for the title again because for some time now, they will be focusing on the storyline of Roman Reigns. However, if they do choose look around for other plots because it all boils down to the WWE creative team, the Usos won’t be a surprising contender for the title, given the fact that they have a record reign already.

#3 The Brawling Brutes

It will need some time for the Brawling Brutes to come of age but a heel Sheamus is not one that would laugh around. He means business and if later down the line, this wrestling faction is going to build itself into an unstoppable unit, then obviously, the hallowed prize that awaits them all is the big belt of the WWE tag team champions.


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