3 reasons why the new version of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods is awesome

The new version of the New Day has been amazing and there has been no stopping Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The funny faces that would always spark happiness in the WWE Roster with their gimmicks about smile and joys are suddenly turning into a much more brutal force. So what happened to them? The Imperium.

Ludwig Kaiser attacked Kofi Kingston brutally, jeopardizing the latter in a serious conflict. Following that Xavier came looking for revenge and in two back to back episodes, they made the Imperium death scared. In one of them, Xavier threw the steel steps that barely missed Ludwig Kaiser while in another Kofi and Xavier took them through the table. WWE fans are absolutely loving the show and these are three reasons why.

#1 Smiles and laughter are plenty but blood and gore in wrestling is what intrigues the fans

With the New Day finally coming of age, embracing a side of pro-wrestling that will leave you horrified and scared, the fans believe this is the exact point where they start pushing for the stars. With laughter very few wrestlers have been able to make the top cards and with the kind of mic skill they have, things have been all over the place. This can be the ticket to their glory.


#2 A welcome change for the fans and Kofi Kingston

The fans were tired of their playful gimmick that kept them chained to the mid-table. However, now that there is something to look forward to. A bit of suspense, a bit of harshness and a bit of blood and gore if needed infused with a storyline with one of the best factions in the industry. With the kind of wrestling flair on display, the fans are actually getting to see the true face of the New Day.

#3 Call to Glory for the New Day

The New Day has been warming the bench for a while now and this is the first time that they have been invoked into action in the serious way possible. Finally a shot at redemption and climbing the ladder and with that being said, for the wrestlers who have been so true to the company since day one, deserves the raise and this is why the fans love them.


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