​3 reasons why Roman Reigns vs Solo Sikoa should main event WrestleMania 40

As the Bloodline is imploding from within, expect a full-blown war to happen between Roman Reigns and the other members of the faction, particularly, Solo Sikoa and believe this or not but it is the best running story in WWE. People are rooting for the entire industry to push this story further and probably keep the audience on the hook.


As far as the story goes, currently, Solo Sikoa has turned against his own brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso to side with the Tribal Chief. However, Roman Reigns is one man who has proven to be the antagonist of this entire plot, riddled with hubris. At the end of the day, he believes that he rules the world and anyone who says otherwise needs to bow before him. This plot somehow screams why Roman and Solo would be the ultimate conclusion to entire storyline. However, for that to happen one has to wait, wait until next year’s Wrestlemania comes knocking. Here are three reasons why Roman Reigns vs Solo Sikoa should be headlining Wrestlemania 40.

#1 It is the end of an era and not just another storyline with Solo Sikoa probably carrying the baton forward

For this entire plot to unfurl, WWE will need some solid character building and at the end of it all, the story has come out like fire where it would shake off its tributaries and eventually bring Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa face to face. No bells and whistles, only Solo and the Roman with even Paul being knocked out. So it should take its due course of time and not just be another match in the roster.


#2 Solo Sikoa would need his own time to wear the skin of a face

Solo Sikoa has been an excellent heel until now and continue to serve the Tribal Chief, day in day out. In fact, such has been his might that he hasn’t even hesitated to attack his own brothers. When he challenges Roman, it should ideally mean that he is turning into a face because Roman would probably bow out of this storyline as a heel and there is no second thought to this. WWE needs enough time for Solo to become comfortable in the skin of a face and also build a storyline strong enough to get him the perfect follow through of that match.

#3 Wrestlemania has proven to be the deathbed of countless iconic battles and so be it again

WM has proven to be the conclusion of many a battle those were iconic. If it’s a faceoff between Roman and Solo, it should be massive and it should be a crescendo like none other. Let’s just hope that WM is the right podium to bring the two face to face in an encounter of the decade and a battle for the ages to come.


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