3 reasons why Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa should become new WWE Undisputed Tag Team champions at the WWE Night of Champions

Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa are the probably the best warriors to take the ring by storm

With the talk of the town being the Tribal Chief returning to the hunt for another major title at the WWE Night of Champions, there are two fan factions now, one of them which believes that the Big Dog needs to stop going for all the titles while there is another faction that has ardently advocated for the fact that this madness needs to stop.

Roman Reigns is already the undisputed WWE Universal Champion and if that wasn’t enough, he now wants a third belt around his waist and that is the big one of tag team championship. The question obviously remains is on how many fronts is he going to defend them all. Here are three reasons why he actually should become the tag team champions alongside Solo Sikoa at the WWE Night of Champions.

#1 It will open up a multiverse of possibilities

The fact that Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa are playing heels at the moment, a defeat for them will mean that the Big Dog will actually hold three titles that will need defending on two fronts now. If challengers from one horizon wasn’t enough, there will be countless attacks on the Big Dog from various fronts, particularly with the kind of tag teams that are already around the corner. Now WWE would probably decide whether Roman defends against all of them and still rises to the top or does he go down fighting.


#2 The WWE Night of Champions may see the return of the Usos against Reigns and Sikoa

Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa are already the heels. Now Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are obviously the best contenders to keep their title. But the fact that the Usos are already in line to return as the adversaries of Reigns and Sikoa and clinch the title back isn’t enough already. They will now be made baby-faces and that usually doesn’t pit them against the Zayn and Owens pair. Ideally, the title should change hands from KO and Sami to Reigns and Sikoa and then should be clinched by the Usos.

#3 A boost of arrogance for Roman if he wins at the WWE Night of Champions and hence Sikoa goes up against him

In all likelihood, Roman Reigns will be going up against Solo Sikoa in the near future because the two are of absolute towering statures and probably are the best matches for each other. If Roman wins, then the plot of him becoming the ultimate king and the arrogance that follows suit is absolutely crazy. The fact that this doesn’t sit well with Sikoa and Heyman makes it a platform for the two giants to collide.


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