3 reasons why Karrion Kross’ introduction as the Final Testament Leader can be a gamechanger

Karrion Kross was silent for a while but now that he has returned and returned with a bang makes him a humdinger addition to the card of WWE Smackdown and people are absolutely loving his new gimmick. Well this certainly isn’t the first time that Kross pulled off something as dark as this but this is just an extension of what he formerly did to Roman Reigns with a sandglass placed on the ring.

Kross on his return took down Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits and then eventually introduced the Final Testament, the faction that boarded the likes of Karrion himself, his wife, Scarlett, Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. The Street Profits had no idea about what had hit them and even in the latest episode of Smackdown, Kross continued to throw those mind-blowing promos. So what exactly is special about the final Testament. Here are three reasons why it can be a gamechanger for Kross.

#1 WWE loves dark angles

Played formerly by the deceased Bray Wyatt, angles where the darker dimensions are usually invoked is absolutely loved by WWE. Karrion Kross is doing the same. It isn’t just fighting around cluelessly but invoking the darker objects and the scarier angles that was played perfectly by the Fiend. Most importantly these cryptic messages leave the fans in speculation of something bad about to happen.


#2 Kross can use the Final Testament to his own redemption

Some poor booking has made Kross go haywire. But that is just a part and parcel of the trade. Unless you are hitting gold or some serious controversy, it is all the same. However, Kross plays the dark angle perfectly and somehow has a knack of keeping the superstars hooked to the television. This is what makes him a banger in this role.

#3 This time he has support and it isn’t just his wife

AOP pulled off quite a few significant strings earlier. But once again, somehow they started running on fumes. With Kross on board, things may be different and similarly with AOP on board for Kross, things are going to be diametrically contrasting. With so much happening around, this is like a perfectly complementing partnership for each other.


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