3 reasons why hiring Nia Jax was the best decision of WWE

Ever since the arrival of Nia Jax, the Women’s division has been somewhat terrorized and believe this or not but the dominator has been quashing everyone in the ring. The indestructible force made it clear that she is here to stay, and she is not backing down from any challenge whatsoever.


The first and foremost, she took out the most dominant forces of the industry where she attacked Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley. Following which she continues her attacks and in her long run of domination, another burning name that got quashed was Shayna Baszler.

In her latest interview she made it clear that she has dominated all and that is exactly what makes her a perfect fit for the upcoming days. Here are three reasons why bringing back Nia Jax was one of the best decisions of WWE.


#1 Nia Jax is finally a match for Rhea Ripley

This is somewhat of a similar story like that of Roman’s origin. When Roman reign played heel for Shield, he somehow started becoming the crowd favorite and WWE had to do something to turn him into face. This is exactly what is happening with the Eradicator.

Despite being a heel, Rhea has actually managed to hog the limelight of the WWE Universe and she is now being cheered which is a rarity. Hence, the fans wouldn’t mind seeing Mami as the face and what better way than to pit her against the most dominant force in the women’s division.

#2 Makes a perfect match-up with Zoey Stark

Needless to say, Zoey Stark actually proved her worthwhile flanking Trish Stratus in the latter’s battle against Becky Lynch. With the kind of gimmick and wrestling flair, Stark is touted to be the next big thing in the industry in the women’s division. A formidable force hitting the yard against the rising star, well that is new and that is amazing. Now who gets the push and who doesn’t, we’ll all of it depends on the storyline.


#3 It’s time that the locker room unites, and the women’s division has hardly seen it

Well, in the men’s division we have seen time and time again where the locker room has united and came all guns blazing at an individual or may be a stable. However, in women’s division, it has very rarely been seen. Particularly in modern day wrestling, if this scenario takes shape, it is going to be incredible for the wrestling fans.

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