3 reasons why Edge leaving WWE for AEW is the wrong decision

Tony Khan caught a big fish in the form of Edge for his company. Edge didn’t take much time as he signed with All Elite Wrestling as soon as his WWE contract expired. Edge’s decision to leave WWE and join AEW sent shockwaves through the wrestling world as he served WWE for 25 long years.

Edge made a triumphant return at Royal Rumble 2020 after the long hiatus and had a farewell match in his hometown of Toronto, receiving a perfect send off before his term ended in WWE. While everybody were thinking Edge might retire, Edge had different plans as he inked a deal with AEW.

While it’s an exciting move for many fans, there are compelling reasons to believe that this shift may not be the right decision for the wrestling legend. In this article, we will explore three key reasons why Edge’s departure from WWE for AEW might be his wrong decision:


1. Impact on his legacy

Edge has a long and storied history with WWE, where he achieved numerous championships and became a wrestling legend. His legacy with WWE is deeply rooted, and leaving for AEW will potentially dilute the legacy he built over many years with the company.

2. Risk of serious injury

Edge has had a history of serious injuries, including a neck injury that forced him into early retirement. AEW is known for its hardcore wrestling style, which could put him at a greater risk of reinjuring himself. This would not only jeopardize his career but also affect his overall well being.

3. Edge can be victim of Backstage Politics in AEW

As we all know, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks have significant creative control over AEW, much like Tony Khan. This dynamic did lead to strained relationships between CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, which eventually resulted in their departure from the company. Given this history, there’s a possibility that Edge might encounter similar challenges, potentially affecting his tenure with the organization.


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