3 reasons why Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins can be the new tag team champions

So it was one helluva house show on Day One of the New Year as WWE went berserk and tore the roof down with the return of the Rock. However, if Rock would not have returned then one moment would have been certainly been talked about and that was when Drew McIntyre saved Rollins the title by inflicting a Claymore on Damian Priest.

It is still unclear whether Drew McIntyre is playing heel or face or will he now be playing what is being done by Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes, roles which are a lot more practical and appeals to the current crop of viewers a lot more.

But then, one possible thing that may happen is this kick that was taken by McIntyre may very well be the beginning of an unexpected tag team and that is with Seth Rollins. Here are three reasons why.

#1 This can be the end of Judgment Day

Drew McIntyre has turned into too much of a crowd favourite and fans would love the fact if they continue to see him as a anti-hero. With that kick on DP’s face, he may simply kickstart a new partnership, somewhat of an anti-hero partnership with Seth Rollins and with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn working out before, this may be another one to watch out for.


#2 Seth Rollins may finally land the tag-team championship

The entire point of this tag-team if formed will be both of these stars coming together and stripping Damian Priest and Finn Balor of the belts. With the WWE heavyweight championship around his waist, Seth Rollins will like to add another in order to rival his former faction member, Roman Reigns and this can just be the start.


#3 The chemistry between the two is brilliant

Both Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins, they are absolutely brilliant in terms of landing those wrestling masterpieces and with the two working together as a partners, it can scale almost unfathomable heights, something that have been loved by the WWE Universe over and over again.

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