3 reasons why Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre makes a better main event for WrestleMania than Bloodline

It seems that WWE has finally found an opening to accommodate a different opening to get another main event in place barring the storyline for the Bloodline and it actually can be a game-changer because it involves two of the finest in the industry. They are none other than the iconic likes of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.

Where is all the vibe coming from in this famous battle? Well, a storyline that actually digs far deeper and has several tributaries, which may eventually bring out the monsters in each other without any heel of face characters being involved. Here are three reasons why this is a better main event story than the Bloodline.

#1 People are bored of the Bloodline story

It has been close to five years now that the Bloodline story has been main eventing and the results have been completely same, no matter the fighter. That dampens the entire storyline, that dampens the prospect of something new and exciting. Forget a couple of new characters cooking up something serious. These two stars though are absolutely crowd favourites and taking out the heel or the face angle, WWE will be selling this story like none other.


#2 Both Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre are two of the finest wrestlers

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre makes an amazing work of wrestling considering their fighting flair. The American Nightmare absolutely rules the roost with his in-ring skills and Drew McIntyre has upped his mic skills that makes this a perfect shot for a story angle that will be absolutely killing the WWE Universe with speculations and excitement.

#3 The storyline goes far deeper

This is one storyline that actually took flight even without the WWE not being in frame. So what changed? Well, both the wrestlers actually took flight from a stage that saw no limelight and no support whatsoever. The limelight that these two got was all about their battles and battle scars. The story runs way deeper than what the fans would expect and this time with just two wrestlers getting their dream match in place, the WWE Universe will be loving this.


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