3 reasons why Cody Rhodes should defeat Brock Lesnar at WWE Backlash

​If the culmination of WrestleMania wasn’t enough for the American Nigh​​tmare, then he wanted a rematch against Roman Reigns, seeking another title shot at the upcoming PPV, WWE Backlash. This is where it all changed for Cody Rhodes as he was given a stipulation of finding a tag team partner who would couple with him for a match-up with Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

There was another catch that only that person can join Cody Rhodes who would never get a shot at the WWE undisputed title until Roman Reigns was in possession of the belts. Shocking everyone, eliciting a ceiling-cracking pop, walked out in the center, the Beast Incarnate.

The tag team match was on. Unfortunately, even before the match could start, Cody Rhodes was attacked by Brock Lesnar and left in shambles as he tortured and laid to waste by the former without an inkling of mercy. In Monday night Raw, Cody challenged Lesnar to a match-up at Backlash and like it or not but here are three reasons why Lesnar would be defeated by Cody Rhodes in Backlash.


#1 With the WWE Draft coming up, Cody Rhodes would be the likeliest holder of a title in one of the two brands

As per reports, the American audience wants at least one Championship belt on each of the brands. Now Reigns have been holding onto the title for far too long and somehow or the other things haven’t been extraordinary in terms of the crowd response.

This is exactly where Cody comes into the picture, being the next big title contender and given his illustrious pedigree it makes him an obvious pick for the title. Hence, beating Brock he would go onto challenge the might of Reigns again for the title and clinch one of those belts for a different brand.

#2 Defeating Brock Lesnar would firmly impose the fact that Cody Rhodes is indeed the true contender for the Championship

Ideally, the Championship cost you a lot more than those broken bones and a shattered spirit. It takes you to walk through hell before you get a shot at the belts. Fighting the Beast Incarnate is like one of the agonizing tasks that one can do in the ring.


From Big Show to Roman Reigns, from the Taker to the Goldberg, they all had to go through the Beast at least once in their career. This is why it is important for Cody to go through this hurdle too. If he beats Lesnar, there is no doubt in the minds of the audience and somewhat of an in-fighting plagued Bloodline, if Reigns need to be afraid of someone, it has to be Cody Rhodes.

#3 The pops get louder and so do the reasons for Roman Reigns to be scared

The moment you beat that 1 in the 21-1, Brock Lesnar, the Universe would bolster their voices for a change of title. This is somewhat of a forced move for Triple H to make the crowd believe that it is their own seeking that should be fulfilled by the authority by making Rhodes the winner of this match-up and eventually the contender that Reigns should be afraid of so desperately.


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