​3 reasons why Cody Rhodes must not win WWE Money in the Bank 2023 ladder match

If rumours are to be believed then in all likelihood WWE is now trying to separate the titles from Roman which would now see separate title holders. However, the veracity of this hearsay is still to be validated and unless there is power in the word, a lot can happen over the upcoming weeks where one of the major changes takes place with the winner of the Money in the Bank almost guaranteeing himself a championship charge. Does that mean that this is the time for Cody Rhodes to rise?


A lot of people have been asking the industry whether it must be Cody Rhodes who should win the MITB match for men as that means that he would get a fair title shot that was snatched from him by the intervention of the Bloodline’s other members against Roman Reigns. With all said and done, a lot will be decided over Cody’s title charge. Here are three reasons why the American Nightmare shouldn’t win the MITB match for Men.

#1 Cody Rhodes hasn’t yet built a stature strong enough to don two belts around his waist

Other than the wrestling skills, fans also look for one’s personality who should be strong enough to carry the weight of these two belts. Cody Rhodes is definitely one of the most popular wrestlers but unless the titles are separated, the American Nightmare must weight to clinch the gold around his waist. If he wins the MITB match that almost assures him the title but is he ready to lift them both like Roman was?


#2 Cody Rhodes somehow has been selling the individual fights better than the title reigns

Rhodes have been impeccable in terms of showing it to the world that he is an absolute monster. The way he dealt with Brock Lesnar and the manner in which he sold the entire Beast Incarnate story, it was absolutely brilliant. Somehow the fans have to believe that Cody would do better without a title shot on the horizon. That makes him go all guns blazing which is best for the business.

#3 Cody is too holy to claim the MITB contract

Ideally the ones who clinch the MITB contract needs to attack the champion when he is at his weakest, usually making it an opportune move. But then the American Nightmare wants to play the ethical hero and for him to challenge the title out of the blue with his current gimmick, it is highly unlikely that he will b given the title shot right away.


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