3 Reasons Why Bron Breakker Is Joining Roman Reigns’ Bloodline

Bron Breakker has been in absolutely menacing touch in NXT and he is being touted to be the next big thing in the upcoming days of WWE considering his towering stature. Not only does he lays waste to opposition with consummate ease but he ensures the fact that he creating a trail of bodies behind him in his wake.


Paul Heyman announced on his Instagram that he has been instructed by Roman Reigns to be in the corner of Breakker in his championship fight. This move makes two things very clear and one of them is that his promotion to WWE’s main roster is very closer while he can be joining the Bloodline too. With all said and done, here are three reasons why Bron Breakker will make an amazing addition to the Bloodline.

#1 Bron Breakker makes a perfect replacement for Jimmy Uso

Bron makes a brilliant replacement for Jimmy Uso considering the fact that he is one of the strongest wrestlers right now in WWE and if we talk about a stable of power, the Bloodline then becomes the trio of Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns and Bron Breakker, a faction that would be hardly picked on while bodies fly everywhere once the trio hits the ring.


#2 Bron Breakker brings a villainous side of his own being a heel

Not every heel is hated not every heel is feared and then there are a few who are hated and feared and Bron Breakker is one of them. The day he arrives in WWE’s main roster, there will be a lot of fear and hatred being thrown at Breakker as a heel and he carries this entire personality with a very convincing nod which is pretty rare and has been done by a handful of greats.

#3 If Solo Sikoa defects Bron still makes a strong contender for the Bloodline to be intact

The Enforcer has been a mercenary for hire for Roman Reigns and the kind of work that he has done has been sensational.

However, it is obvious that there will come a time when Solo will be ending the Bloodline by defecting against Roman Reigns which may be turned upside down as Bron Breakker joins the party. Hence, even if Solo leaves, the Bloodline still has two strong contenders.


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