3 reasons why Brock Lesnar must squash Cody Rhodes at WWE Night of Champions 2023

Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes have somehow started blowing out of proportions and obviously with the kind of statur​​es that both of these share, it is obvious that WWE would like to try and milk out from the battle of these two superstars.


There are obvious reasons to believe that Lesnar should emerge victorious because of the upcoming storylines and you may not see the Beast Incarnate for a while now. With Lesnar clinching the win, he may be out from the industry for a well deserved break. Here are three reasons why Brock Lesnar must win against Cody Rhodes.

#1 Brock Lesnar’s victory would put an end to this rivalry

The Beast Incarnate is already pretty irregular on the WWE roster and you would see him fight bare minimum on the normal days. Ideally, he should be headed for a break and if he defeats the American Nightmare then he probably puts an end to the rivalry that will free up Cody Rhodes for other matches which may also include a title shot. Hence, this win for Lesnar is more of a necessary evil that WWE must try and explore.


#2 If Brock Lesnar chooses to stay then a win over Cody may goad him to challenge for the title

As the new World Heavyweight Championship is simply waiting to be unleashed amongst the mix, Lesnar maybe the first one to challenge for the gold around his waist. Hence, it is important for the image of a challenger that he can actually go to the title challenge with a win. A loss maybe overwhelming for the Beast Incarnate and that is exactly what he would like to avert at all costs. Hence a win for Brock is a necessity.

#3 A heel Brock Lesnar is almost as good as unstoppable

Whatever hope you have of stalling the monster is higher when you are facing him being a heel yourself. But there are very few characters in the WWE locker room who can take the wrath of a heel Lesnar and now that he is playing heel, not only would be Cody defeated but he would be broken, beaten and scarred. This is exactly what makes Brock Lesnar and obvious favorite to be the winner of this battle and that too mercilessly.


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