3 reasons why Alexa Bliss should have become the new Women’s World Champion on RAW

Alexa Bliss is credited to be one of the most exciting WWE superstars of the modern era known to captivate the audience with her striking presence, personality, and in-ring acumen. But the WWE Universe has not witnessed the sight of Little Miss Bliss since last January 2023 after she announced her pregnancy.

A year removed, Bliss has successfully given birth to her child, spent immense time with her family, and got back in the gym to get back in shape. Moreover, she has dropped some hints in recent memory pointing towards her return. With a huge opportunity presented after Rhea Ripley got injured and vacated her WWE Women’s World Title last week on RAW, a battle royal was scheduled to take place this week to crown a new champion. Becky Lynch won that match and won the title.

Here are 3 reasons why Alexa Bliss should have resurfaced and captured the gold:


1. Homecoming victory

The upcoming edition of Monday Night RAW is set to emanate from Alexa Bliss’ home state of Ohio. The scenario could not have been perfect for Alexa Bliss to reemerge back to WWE and enter the Battle Royal to crown the new Women’s World champion. With the home audience right behind her, Alexa could make a huge statement on her first night back by eliminating the entire field and once again becoming champion.

2. Position her right back into the main event

Alexa Bliss was predominately a main event attraction during her alliance with Bray Wyatt a couple of years ago with her demonic and ominous persona. However, since then, she did not make any significant moments and was a mid-card talent in the Women’s division. Winning the upcoming battle royal and becoming the new champion could position her right back at the top of the mountain where she has known to deliver beyond expectations.

3. A new champion like Alexa Bliss could have presented new opportunities for others

Alexa Bliss becoming the new WWE Women’s World Champion could be a fresh breath of air for the new era that WWE has ushered into. This would open the doors to some of the memorable encounters for the title pitting Alexa Bliss against the likes of stars like Jade Cargill, Bianca Belair, and Tiffany Stratton, with the new regime presenting an extremely fresh-lineup of matches.


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