3 possible ways WWE can book Roman Reigns’ return after his loss at WrestleMania XL

WrestleMania XL Sunday saw the destruction of the long-standing Roman Empire built on the Island of Relevancy into mere pieces. The most dominant champion in the modern era of WWE, Roman Reigns saw the end of his historic title reign at the hands of Cody Rhodes who finished his story and dethroned The Tribal Chief for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title.

As Reigns noted on his social media a day after his loss he had begun the process of rebuilding himself, it would be only a matter of time before Roman Reigns resurfaces back to WWE for another dominant run as the flagship star of WWE. Here are 3 possible bookings for The Head of the Table once he makes his highly anticipated return to WWE after losing at WrestleMania XL:

1. Roman’s Bloodline vs The Rock’s Bloodline

As we saw on SmackDown this week, Bloodline made their first appearance since Roman Reigns’ loss at WrestleMania XL with his Enforcer Solo Sikoa stepping up to lead the charge. Moreover, Solo shocked the WWE Universe by outcasting Jimmy Uso from The Bloodline for his loss at WrestleMania, while inducting new member Tama Tonga into the faction.


This could be later revealed to be orchestrated by the orders of The Final Boss, The Rock who could assume the leadership from Roman after his huge defeat and replace him as The Tribal Chief. Following that, the fans can see Jimmy and Jey, The Usos reunite and align with Roman Reigns who would make his return later on, allowing WWE to see the biggest Civil War match between Roman and Rock’s Bloodline at a major WWE show.

2. Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes’ rubber match

The iconic rivalry between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes that has been prevalent for more than a year could write its final chapter after The Tribal Chief makes his return to WWE. The rivalry could pick up right where they left off with Reigns making his huge comeback and decimating Rhodes for ending his long title reign that helped him rule over the WWE landscape.

Moreover, with both men clinching a victory over each other and the record between them standing at 1-1, WWE could book the rubber match between Roman and Cody with a massive stipulation that could headline any big WWE PLE in the future putting an end to their historic rivalry.


3. Roman Reigns heads for new bastions

The character of Roman Reigns could see WWE booking The Head of the Table in a completely fresh creative direction. Roman could make his return, this time as a RAW superstar with only Paul Heyman, abandoning The Bloodline and perhaps, setting his sights on the title he hasn’t won, the World Heavyweight Title.

Moreover, the fans could witness a babyface version of The Tribal Chief, with Reigns becoming a massive fan favorite, as witnessed on the RAW after WrestleMania 40 where the crowd massively cheered for him. This would lead to Reigns marking a new territory for the rebuilding of the Island of Relevancy and once rule WWE with an Iron Fist.


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