3 possible ways Gunther vs Jey Uso King of the Ring 2024 semifinal can end on WWE RAW

Gunther vs Jey Uso semifinal match of King of the Ring will take place on WWE RAW this week. As the upcoming WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE draws near, the men’s side name-sake tournament will see The Ring General battle against the Leader of the YEET movement.

Gunther and Jey are no strangers to battling each other in high-stakes situations after squaring off against each other for the WWE Intercontinental Title before WrestleMania 40. With the same scenario again, but with a different and prestigious accolade at stake, here are the three possible finishes to the Gunther vs Jey Uso match:

1. Jey Uso earns his redemption vs Gunther

As mentioned, Gunther and Jey Uso did square off against each other in the past. However, that encounter saw Jey coming up short thanks to a timely interference by his brother, Jimmy Uso.



But the tables could turn this time with no time possible interference expected and redemption on the mind of Jey. This could see Uso rise above the odds and secure the win over Gunther to advance to the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament.

2. Gunther reigns supreme

Ever since Gunther announced his participation in the King of the Ring tournament, he has been the favorite to win the entire tournament. Moreover, his performances so far against Sheamus and Kofi Kingston have proven the same. Therefore, the possibility to see Gunther walk out with a dominant win over Jey Uso much like last time seems more likely and advances to the finals of the prestigious competition.

3. Ilja Dragunov costs Gunther the match

While Ilja Dragunov did come up short against Jey Uso last week in RAW in the quarterfinals, he also had a run-in with his historic rival and Jey’s upcoming opponent, Gunther. Dragunov could renew the rivalry fans have been waiting to see on the big stage, costing The Ring General his chance at the King of the Ring tournament and assisting Jey Uso to win.



This could possibly set the stage for one of the most highly anticipated one-on-one clashes between Gunther and Ilja Dragunov in Saudi Arabia itself at the WWE King and Queen PLE.

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