3 possible opponents for Roman Reigns at WWE Money in the Bank 2023

Roman Reigns can be an absolute destructor and would need a sizzling destructor to match his strength

Roman Reigns is running an extremely tight ship at this hour and is standing at the tipping point where he may shortly be given the axe from the belt due to the rising demands of the WWE Universe and he may have to wrestle just for the rivalries instead of the gold around his waist. When it comes to Reigns, the speculations are always on the higher side and there are very few to match the heightened stature.


After the WWE Night of Champions, as the WWE Money in the Bank awaits us all, Roman Reigns would be intrigued to know what his fate would be. In all likelihood, it is almost certain that he would be heading to the Money in the Bank with the gold around his waist but if he can retain it or not, that is a million dollar question. Here are three opponents who may Roman Reigns at WWE Money in the Bank.

#1 Solo Sikoa

The Enforcer of Bloodline becomes the most obvious choice to confront Roman Reigns and there is no second thought about it. Massive in stature and an absolute destructor, Solo Sikoa can lay waste to his counterparts in a split second. With the tensions running hot between Reigns and Sikoa, it won’t be long if Sikoa flips out and chooses to confront Reigns in a bid for the titles.


#2 The Usos

Given the disdain that the Usos have been facing at the hands of Roman Reigns, they can very well be just another opposition who would leave Roman Reigns in a bit of trouble and that is exactly why the storyline involving Roman Reigns and the Usos would be visceral, particularly considering the fact that the two crosses out each other and would simply love to renew the old rivalry that set them apart from the others.

#3 A surprise return from Randy Orton

The Viper is simply AWOL from WWE and no body knows when would he return. But the fact that he can simply prove to be as mercurial as you want will tell you that he can also be Reigns’ opposition at the WWE Money in the Bank, particularly given his hallowed history in the PPV. In a bid to confront Roman Reigns, one would need a certain stature and years of wrestling from Randy Orton makes him absolutely the perfect fit for this entire job.


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