3 possible finishes to Gunther vs Mustafa Ali at WWE Night of Champions 2023

Gunther can very well be the tormentor of Mustafa Ali

Ring general Gunther has been an absolute monster in the ring and considering the fact that he will be facing the might of Mustafa Ali in the Night of the Champions, expect it to be nothing short of a cracker. There are multiple outcomes that can come from the game but at the end of it all it would predominantly be inclined towards Gunther stealing the show.

However, that is not a certainty because the industry has something bigger and better planned for Gunther and it can probably be the break that he is looking forward to. Another fact here is how the industry may plan in using Mustafa Ali going forward. Particularly considering the kind of rampage that he can inflict at will, it would be fascinating to see the two giants go head-to-head.

Here are the three possible outcomes that the two may have at the Night of the Champions.


#1 The Intercontinental champion pins Mustafa Ali clean

Albeit the intervention of Imperium as a whole, Gunther has used the support of Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser very limitedly.

This is why it is needless to say that the foregone conclusion of the match will be going in favor of Gunther, and he will be pinning Mustafa Ali clean. However, the battle will be a monstrous one considering the two reckoning forces that would step up to big game.

#2 Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens cost Gunther the match

As the time for Night of the Champions keep on coming forward, there was an unnecessary intervention of Imperium that aided Judgement Day in getting a win against Zayn and Owens.


It is needless to say that vengeance has always been a major theme of wrestling and WWE simply loves exploiting it. So just when Gunther is about to win, KO’s music hits and bam! You know what follows isn’t pleasant.

#3 Mustafa Ali dominates the game and yet is overpowered by Imperium and not Gunther alone

Mustafa Ali’s wrestling skills are absolutely mind-blowing, and he makes a perfect match for Gunther. But then considering the storylines, the result should ideally be going in favor of the Intercontinental champion and that would only happen with the two accomplices of the Ring General who can absolutely run riots.


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