3 possible directions for CM Punk in WWE after falling short at Royal Rumble

CM Punk had an amazing Royal Rumble as he was in the final two where he went face to face with the American Nightmare. Eventually though, he was eliminated as Cody Rhodes got pumped and had enough of Punk’s fights. He cleaned him up and toppled him over the top rope, eventually emerging as the clear winner for the battle royal.

So where does Punk go from here? We think there are a couple of lines that are nice and clear but maybe WWE will take a backseat and tease along the Second City Saint for a bit more before they splash him into mind-boggling action. Here are three ways that Punk can go after Royal Rumble.

#1 CM Punk can his story with Drew McIntyre

Guess what, it was evident that the animosity between the two superstars are burning bright and it is going to be a head on battle between Drew and CM Punk. Like McIntyre said that Punk belonged to him, similarly, that death stare from the Straight Edge Superstar after eliminating the Scottish Warrior was simply mind-bending. That screams for war.


#2 Stars building a set for a triple-threat fight with Drew and Seth

Sooner or later, Punk will get a title shot and this can very well be the clarion call for the Best in the World.

With Seth’s belt on the line, he may set up a promo for both Drew and Seth and eventually make the two warriors come together in the same storyline. A triple threat fight is what will set the stage on fire and that is absolutely main-eventing stuff which is Punk’s wheelhouse.

#3 Join the Judgment Day and turn in into face

With sparks of dissidence rife amongst the Judgment Day, there is a high chance that Damian Priest and Rhea may be falling apart. This is exactly where the need of a leader comes in and Punk makes the perfect fit.



But it is highly unlikely that he will go into heel mode straightaway which means JD turns face too and with Rhea in the faction, the fans will love the chemistry.

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