3 Most Heartbreaking Incidents In The Life Of WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has proven herself to be one of the most creative and captivating WWE Superstars in today’s Women’s division. A former 5-time WWE Women’s Champion (first Superstar to win both RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championship) and 2-time Women’s Tag Team Champion, Bliss has been on the top charts when it comes to titles and accolades.


Moreover, fans witnessed a bizarre and demonic side of Bliss during her alliance with former WWE Superstar, The Fiend Bray Wyatt embracing the dark side under the tutelage of the psychotic Wyatt’s alter-ego. Her character work and storyline with the Eater of Worlds were highly praised by fans and will always be known as one of her most memorable runs in the company.

But despite the immense success, love, and admiration from the WWE Universe, there were some dark situations that Alexa could not escape in real life. Here are three heartbreaking incidents in Alexa’s life:


1. Farewell Larry

Fans were very well aware of Alexa’s loving relationship with her pig, Larry Steve through social media and appearances on social media. But tragedy hit Bliss as her beloved pet passed away one day shy of his fourth birthday back in May 2021.

Lexi had contacted 13 vets, but everyone refused to treat him some of them citing his size as one of the reasons. Losing one of her true loved ones in Larry Steve was surely one of the most tragic incidents of her life. (RIP Larry Steve)

2. Alexa Bliss Stalker incident

Alexa Bliss found herself in the crosshairs of a psychotic cyber stalker who claimed to be crazy about her, sent her disturbing messages, and even threatened to kill her husband (then-boyfriend) Ryan Cabrerra.


Things escalated even further when that same person claimed to be outside Alexa’s home which resorted her to seeking help from the law being one of the most horrific situations of her life.

3. Eating Disorder

Little Miss Bliss is known to be a fighter, surviving one of the darkest phases of her life by battling a deadly eating disorder during her teenage years, that caused her to suffer from anxiety, severe weight loss, and elevated heartbeat, all of which could have led to her on the verge of death.


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